Monday, March 05, 2007

been a while........

It's been a while since I was here so a sumary of last year might be in order!
We continued to plant and grow our veggie's and it's probably fair to say that some were more successful than others!
Peppers did really well as you can see so we'll be growing 10 times as many this year!
Parsnips also did okay, as did squashes, pink fir apple potatoes, peas, broad beans, french beans strawberries and onions.

Disappointments included beetroots (small and tough) sweetpeas, the 'no dig' bed (water just ran off the top) cucumbers (got none at all) and the brassicas which were, without exception totally crap!

Free food though was plentiful as ever!
These wonderful scrumped damsons became beautiful jam and a full demijon of damson gin.

We collected sweet chestnuts down in Edenbridge while visiting our Auntie Sylvie and swapped and bartered produce for various treats.

Funny how the stuff you don't pay for tastes so much better!

We also invested in a couple of hens last year, Guinevere and Boudicca. They live in their bright pink 'Eglu' coop and provide us with fresh free range eggs each morning.

Now I would love to tell you that that the chooks eggs are free food but the truth is, they'd have to lay a hell of a lot of eggs to pay for their luxury living quarters!
While the hens themselves were under a tenner each....the Eglu and associated bits and pieces came in at about £380.oo.

Wurzel got them for my birthday and they are certainly more family pets than livestock.

And money just couldn't buy the joy of seeing little flower collecting the first new laid egg for her breakfast!

Just look at that face.

2006 had it's ups and downs. We moved to a beautiful new house. We suffered a family bereavement. We made new friends, we said goodbye to our lovely neighbours.
And now here we are again....spring is here....the allotment beckons, hope to see you there.
Sunflower xxx