Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Seedling dance.....

Hands up who's doing the seedling dance?
Every morning carting tray after tray of precious seedlings out to a sunny table....
And every evening rushing home to cart them all back in again before they catch a chill or, worse, get munched by the dreaded slimies? 


 My little greenhouse is already packed.
Wurzel and I cobbled together some 'make do' staging from bits and pieces. There is also the shelving from a blow away polythene greenhouse in there....but it's still not enough. 


It's not just seedlings.
A cyberfriend suggested putting 
some established strawberry 
plants in the greenhouse for an 
early crop.

One week later there are ten 
flowers open and countless buds.

More evidence of spring (if any were needed) comes from the hen coop 

The girls are back in lay....the elongated white eggs are from Racey Lacey, our little wyandotte bantam. She must be going on ten years old now and still giving us an egg or two a week in sunny weather.

And here is my apple tree, with beautiful blosom. 

Unfortunately this little tree is unlikely to produce fruit anytime soon. She flowers late and with no partner for cross pollination is destined to be purely ornamental for the forseeable future. My brother bought this tree for me. The variety is 'Queen Mary' and the apples are said to be aromatic and juicy, perfect for eating straight from the tree.

Maybe, one day, I'll get to taste one.