Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Blazing June Jubilee?

This was the view from my front door on the night of our street party.
The wind was howling and snapping at the flags, the rain was coming down like stair rods and the temperature plummeted.
So what could we do?

Well, get all dressed up and head outside to dance in the rain of course!!!
This is England after all, we expect our bank holidays to be rainy and a double bank holiday obviously means double the rain!
So we took a demijon of particularly potent homebrew to fortify our intrepid neighbours, put up a gazebo over the BBQ and another over the DJ and we all danced in the pouring rain til after midnight.

Her Majesty The Queen also braved the rain along with her adoring husband. She in her eighties and he turning 91, they stood for four hours at the prow of a ship, refusing to disappoint the hundreds of thousands who came to see them. I am very, very proud of England today.

elderflower cordial
And it hasn't been all bad weather in recent weeks. I managed to get some elderflower cordial made last week. Not enough to see us through the summer but some. When the rain eases up I'll see if any flowers remain to make more.
Next week, the planting out begins in earnest up at the plot. A couple of years back a heavy frost on 5th of June destroyed a whole years crops so now 6th of June starts my summer season. It might even be dry enough by then for me to take my camera!