Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I've got a greenhouse!

My neighbour was getting rid of it so he passed it over the fence to me. Marvellous!

Okay, it could do with a bit of a clean.....

damaged corner

And there is the odd bit of damage here and there......but nothing than can't be fixed

grotty greenhouse

The frame is a little bent and some screws are missing. It hasn't been used for four or more years and there is an accumulation of green crusty stuff, immense spiders and the odd snail. Even so, a bowl of soapy warm water and a soft J-cloth......
after washing the right hand window with soapy water

Chili peppers and aubergines are soooo on the menu for next season!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

So, here we are again at my favourite time of year...

 Blogger and me are not getting along. This is my third attempt to publish this post  and I'm starting to get the hump. I'm giving it one more go but if it doesn't work this time I'm going to flounce off, slamming the door behind me.

Harvest 20 September

The new allotment still looks pretty crappy but is providing a great deal of food. Unable to tackle the couch grass head on I planted through black plastic and in small, roughly cleared areas just to have something (anything) growing while I waited for autumn and the chance to sort it out properly.
I didn't have high expectations so didn't keep an accurate tally but there has been lots to eat and a surplus to store.
Today, for example, I am mainly turning 9lb  of  cucumber into pickle.