Sunday, October 10, 2010

Okay, here alphabetical order

Allotment, we've moved to a beautiful new allotment site bordered on one side by ancient woodland and on the other by horse paddocks. In fact, our plot was used as horse grazing for 30 odd years before we got's a little compacted but should be well fertilised. This picture is taken from the bottom of our plot, The car is up the top facing the horse paddock.

We've dug some long beds (it's real hard graft on compacted London clay) and erected a shed. We built a couple of raised beds for seedlings.
This year we've had pretty good crops of tomatoes, winter squashes, beetroot etc. Loads of strawberries and far too much chard!
Little flower, who loves horses to the point of obsession, comes plotterin' regularly and can sometimes be seen riding one of the horses bareback across the grass. Willow, being twenty two now, visits occasionally..... to sunbathe. Wurzel makes the odd appearance, under duress, to do any heavy jobs that I can't manage.

But I am there whenever life allows.

I am now the proud owner of one colony of bees. Can you see the terror on my face?

I worry for the honeybee. I feel I have a duty to support them. I was very responsible, I went and did the course...I allowed myself to be stung to prove I'm not allergic. I found a great spot to put them and saved up for all the gubbins you have buy (and there is a LOT to buy) but still, they scare the bejeezus out of me!

Little Flower on the other hand, is simply fascinated (she being the short beekeeper in the photo!)
Willow won't go within fifty feet of the hive and Wurzel, bless him, is my hero! Despite not having all the gear he happily trundles up to the hive with me and does whatever I ask.
I do plan to be a confident beekeeper one day. Just not as quickly as I'd hoped.

C is for Chickens! Guinny has now sadly left us for the chicken coop in the sky but Boudicca is still going strong and now shares the garden with Racey Lacey ( a little wyandotte with very frilly knickers) and three pekins, Millie, Buffy and Tiger Lily.
They are all completely bonkers!

Right. That's enough for now, I think I'm getting the hang of it....sort of.
I've spent forever trying to post images and arrange text....I'm going to publish and see if it's worked.
Wish me luck!

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La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Good luck with your bees, your garden and your blog !