Saturday, January 01, 2011

Well, that's that!

2010 is was it for you?
We had a pretty good year, grew stuff, made things, laughed, sung and didn't cry much!
We're all healthy, we're all together and we're starting the new year with no debt and a whole heap of optimism.

Winter celebrations are a big deal in this household. We are not at all religious but we join in with christmas, winter solstice and any other parties we can think of. 
We start on December 1st, making decorations, baking, making and wrapping gifts. 

My children argue less, the house smells and looks lovely and this year we were treated to early snowfall that turned 'Thomas' my topiary hedge man into a very special snowman!
I do so love this time of year!

Winter is also a lovely time to be up the plot.
Yesterday I spent a peaceful afternoon there, completely alone apart from Mr Chips, the old horse.
The fog obscured the view of the London skyline, and muffled any noise.
I won't pretend I got much done, a little digging....moved some manure and planted the last of the spring bulbs.
Truth is I spent most of my time sitting by my little shed brewing coffee with my new 'kelly kettle' (a present from Wurzel) and watching the birds and the foxes squabble and play. I can honestly say it's the most relaxed I've felt in years!
And speaking of relaxed, I'll leave with a picture of our soppy old dog Jacob in his favourite spot (when he thinks I'm not looking)
Happy New Year everyone!


Heiko said...

Happy New Year to you too! It is the good life after all, isn't it. We have sun for the first time in weeks today. An auspicious sign for a good new beginning.

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Bonne année from Brittany!
We love your snow-covered hedge-man!
And what a lovely day you spent down the allotment, who needs the countryside with an oasis like that close to home!
Best wishes,
Stuart and Gabrielle