Thursday, September 22, 2011

A mixed flock...

.....means it's easy to know which hen laid which egg!

From the left; 
Hattie (welsummer) 
Racey Lacey (wyandotte bantam) Millie (pekin) 
Lola (serama)

We no longer have any hybrid birds so egg production is slowing down now for the winter.
Soon we'll get none at all until spring. I've read on the internet that some folk crack eggs into little bags and freeze them so I might give that a try.
I hate to buy eggs, especially since companies who claim to be particularly concerned with animal welfare keep being exposed by undercover journalists....check out 'Happy Eggs' and see what I mean.


Hickchick said...

Dont you just love those chocolate brown Welsummer eggs!

sunflower said...

Hello Hickchick!
Yep, they are my favourites and in ours the yolks are just huge!
Hattie's eggs used to have lovely big dark brown dots on but lately they've been coming out plain....still taste great though!
It's good to see you, thanks for coming by, x

mrsnesbitt said...

Love this we too know who is laying or NOT lol! Dx