Monday, May 18, 2015

Cottage Garden Project...principle 1

 Permaculture principle one tells us to observe and interact with nature....
Well, the nature in my garden has trashed it.

The main flora in my garden is bindweed. It is more vigorous than anything else, it is a 'pioneer plant' and it really loves the edges and margins.
Fauna in my garden includes three large dogs, five marauding chickens, two kids and my husband (who mends his bikes there).

Permaculture teaches us to view the area as zones.
My garden looks like a war zone.

lattice fence and gate
 Now, I appreciate that every member of the family has their own priorities and uses the space in their own way. But the state of it was making me unhappy. So Wurzel built me this rather beautiful fence to section off the bottom third of the garden. We moved my little, rickety greenhouse down there. No dogs are allowed in 'my' bit. Chickens and children come strictly by invitation only.

 Behind the fence the war zone effect is gradually being replaced. I am taking my time and recycling everything that I can. 

'Pixie path' so named by Willow who helped mummy make it.

 For example,
The four foot high mound of broken up concrete, bricks and rubble in the back left corner?

I am using to build my paths and low retaining walls, stockpiling crocks for pot drainage and building a small rockery.

I had hoped to utilise some of the ancient chainlink fencing we found buried beneath the debris but Wurzel put his foot that lot went to the rag and bone man.

 I've started planting between the first path and the fence. In true cottage style there is a mixture of herbs, flowers and vegetables.

cottage planting with herbs, kale, onions and flowers.

There is so much work still to do. The bindweed grows faster than I can dig the roots.
 And there is junk to clear, rubble to use and weeds to pull.
I won't be using any chemicals. Just elbow grease and chicken power.....  

But when I'm tucked away in mummy's secret garden, with my little transister radio and a cup of coffee in my greenhouse, it's like the problems of the world don't exist.
Pure Bliss.

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