Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dragon hunting

It wasn't me............she did it first....................she's touching my stuff again....MUM!!!
Yep, the school holidays are in full swing. Been one of those days, car got a puncture. The kids were being vile and I was developing a thumping headache.

Time to go plotterin'

So it was that we trudged over to our allotment, fishing nets in hand on a very important mission. The sun was shining and basking in it's rays we felt quite warm, both inside and out.
As I unlocked the rusty gate (which has a hole in it that any vandals can easily enter through) I felt our spirits soar as we marvelled at the changes spring has brought. The first thing we noticed were the broad beans. They are only about a foot high yet they are smothered in pale yellow flower buds. Can that be right?
There was more evidence of spring by the pond. Last year Paulustris from allotments4all sent me some muscaris bulbs and now they have burst into bright blue flowers. Snuggled between the sweet woodruff and masses of lupin leaves they are putting on quite a show. A marsh marigold with the brightest yellow flowers makes a striking contrast with the pinky red duckweed on the water.

Everything is fresh and optimistic. Including us.

We set to work. Little flower was first to plunge her net in the water. As predicted, her big sister was not far behind. We prodded around in the murky silt and at first our wicked looking bugs proved to be elusive. Eventually though, we had what we came for. A dozen or so fat dragonfly larvae trapped in our jam jar.
They really are the most unappealing beasties! They look like beetles, curl like woodlice and walk like spiders. It's hard to imagine them turning into majestic dragonflies!
To us though, they had become vital currency. We telephoned my brother in law and a deal was struck. A dozen dragonfly larvae for 0ne small bucket of frogspawn.
Operation 'Slugslayers' is underway!

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