Monday, April 03, 2006

Well, spring is here and the house is full of seedlings. As the weather improves more little plotterers venture outside.
There is Mrs Daffs, who arrives early, sets a small wooden stool in a spot of weak sunshine and dilligently watches her husband work his socks off.
Then there are the glamerous twins, Ruby and Emerald look beautiful in their matching jackets and very clean gardening gloves.
We shouldn't forget old Mr Shuffle as he delights in scaring the children or Mr Arp and his outstanding brassicas.
Tis lovely to have some company on the plot.

The old shed needs a little work. We fixed the roof as best we could with some 'wriggly' iron sheets we found on the bank but the rain still gets in through the gaps round the door. We've dug a couple of beds for the parsnips and such and we cleared away some of the willow to make a work area. The rhubarb looks promising although it will be a couple of weeks before there is enough to make wine with. The cobnut tree is full of buds.
No frogspawn is to be found in our tiny pond, much to Little flower's disappointment but there are some evil looking bugs that may be dragonfly larvae. She promises to return with her net to investigate. Her big sister, Willowy, looks on disdainfully (as you do at seventeen) but secretly, she is intrigued.

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